Why is it Important to Have the Right Background for Your Headshots?

A background can easily make or break your image. When you place your subject in front of a super hectic scene and it takes away the focus from your subject, know that it can create mergers. Your background must not contain a bunch of distractions and must always focus on your subject when creating group headshots for social media. Sometimes a background can really help in adding context to your images and it can also stimulate emotion and feeling to a shot. So, know that it is important to choose the right background as well as the lens for the shot.

Things to consider when selecting backgrounds and backdrops

  • Subject: no matter what it is, you can go for a crisp and clean backdrop that can put all the focus on the subject.
  • Ask your client what feel and look do they want. If they are a corporate officer seeking a timeless headshot where a canvas background is ideal or they may also want an edgy image where the floor drop is the ideal backdrop for them.
  • Mood: if you are looking for something dark and moody, then go for a plain black seamless paper or muslin. If you want to recreate a scene, you can go for a painted backdrop or a floor drop.

  • Weight: heavy backgrounds include canvas and vinyl and muslin can have lesser weight.
  • Space: if the space is huge, you may need bigger roles with bigger lengths and vice versa for less space.
  • Budget: while muslin and the support needed can be installed at a low cost, painted canvas and floor drops can cost a tad bit much.

Types of backgrounds

  • Indoor or outdoor backgrounds

This can be a wonderful choice for having a context to editorial, fashion or nature portrait work, but usually the background may get a bit busy and distracting and you may need some kind of faux background.

  • Portable backgrounds

This can also be a great choice as they are versatile and convenient because of collapsibility and cheap rates. These can be used in the studio or you can take them with you on the location. They bear a border so they may not be ideal for a full length shot but they are perfect for headshots, portraits and three quarter body shots.

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