Where and When a Lifting Frame is Best Utilised

If you are in the market to hire lifting equipment, whether it is for a warehouse facility, a construction project, a live event of some kind, or any other practical use within myriad sectors and industries, it is important to understand the choices in front of you. One of the most popular lifting equipment on the market is a lifting frame, and if you are looking to hire a lifting frame for your place of work you should look to lifting equipment hire specialists to assist you in choosing the right piece of kit for your specific needs.

What is a Lifting Frame?

A lifting frame is a piece of lifting equipment that you can hire to help with many different types of lifting requirements. It isn’t as straightforward as saying ‘this is a lifting frame’, as there are many different types of lifting frames, in all sorts of shapes and sizes. The lifting frame to hire that you choose will depend on the types of material that you require to be lifted, the overall quantity and weight of those materials, and the specifications of the location you will require the lifting frame to be installed within.

What are the Different Types of Lifting Frame?

There are quite a few different options for lifting frames to hire, each with a quality that shines in specific locations or for specific quantities and materials that require lifting. One such lifting frame is a fixed spreader frame. This has four lifting points in each corner, fixed into position. The fixed spreader frame is perfect for any project where there will be repeat lifting. It is also perfect for any materials that are in a box shape and where there is not a restriction on height or where there isn’t a need for any adjustments mid project.

Another type of popular lifting frame is the fixed H-frame. This is the perfect lift where you are challenged by height restrictions. Again, there are four fixed points where a hook connection or a shackle can be attached, and this type of lifting frame is often used indoors in manufacturing and production settings. It is also great for lifting items off a production line and onto transportation.

A telescopic adjustable lifting frame offers flexibility across the length and width of the system. This is a brilliant lifting frame in situations where you need to be able to think fast and adjust things where necessary with no delay. This is the quickest and simplest way to adjust a lifting frame, and the telescopic struts allow for maximum adjustment with points of lift starting at 4 and going as high as 10 points of lift, with up to a 50-tonne capacity.

Choosing the correct lifting frame will depend on several factors. These include the specifications of the location the lifting frame will be used within, the tasks and weight-load it will be expected to assist with, your budget and other needs. Working with lifting hire specialists helps any company go a long way to creating the perfect environment to work in efficiently and safely. Keeping your employees and contractors safe and adhering to all health and safety regulations, whilst maximising standards of operation, is a crucial part of running any site. With the perfect lifting frame, you can ensure you hit both of these benchmarks.