The Importance of Brand Identity

Brand identity is an important part of marketing for any business. If you do not have a clear brand identity it can cause confusion for customers, potential customers, but also impacts on how you operate on a daily basis and how your employees and even suppliers see you. Your brand identity is the way in which your business is portrayed to your customers. It can include your business name, the logo design of the company, the colours, shapes, and other aspects of graphic design used throughout the marketing, as well as the tone of voice used for official company literature.

If you have a successful project to create a clear and coherent brand identity, this will result in your brand image. We all know about brand identity, even if you think you don’t. The biggest names in business around the globe all have a clear identity. Think about it, you would recognise global brand names such as McDonalds, Apple, Coca Cola and Adidas from just a logo, a tune, a shape, an advertising tag line. These are all part of a brand identity that has been carefully crafted over many years.

Although the vast majority of businesses do not have access to the levels of marketing funding that these giant brand names have, that does not prevent any business from building a brand identity and translating this into a brand image successfully.

There are a few benefits to creating a clear brand identity for any business, no matter the size, scope, or plans for the future. It creates a price premium for a brand over time, which increases the better you become as a company. You can see examples of this throughout the world of business, where there are two comparable products, but one is more successful because it has come through a company that has carefully created a brand identity that is instantly recognisable. There are many people, for example, who would always choose an Apple product over another product on the market that functions in the same way, due to the careful way Apple has marketed its products over the years, and the amount of detail that has gone into the comfort of design. This can be achieved on a much smaller level, even for a start-up business.

Over time this approach helps to create an in-built perception of a company and brand as being of quality, where you know you can trust the results. From here, consumer loyalty can begin to grow, with a loyal core of customers that will remain with a company because of trust and brand image and reputation.

Speak to brand identity experts, a company with the experience to help a company of any size to develop and implement carefully crafted brand identity that translates into a successful brand image. Digital marketing companies understand how to best approach brand identity as part of a wider project of online marketing endeavours for companies of various sizes. Your brand identity is vital to long-term success, so don’t wait too long to get started on creating it.