Team Building Games You Can Use To Boost Your Employees Productivity

Team building games are something that employees either love or hate, but they can significantly benefit your business. There are various types of activities that your workers can enjoy, and they can help increase the bond and team spirit between your workers. Many companies can help you plan and organise these events and ensure that everyone who attends has lots of fun. Below are a few of the different team building games you can consider for your employees to help increase the productivity and profitability of your business.

Beach Olympics

One activity that your workers may love is the Beach Olympics, which can include various activities that are lots of fun, and you get to enjoy the fresh air outdoors. There are multiple activities you can have in your Beach Olympics, and you can do the activity with as few people as ten, up to 150+, so it is ideal for various sizes of companies. Some of the events you and your employees can enjoy including tug-o-war, volleyball, multiple races, soccer, and more. XL Events team building in Newcastle can help you organise and run your event and ensure that everyone has a fantastic time while developing communication skills and team spirit.

The Amazing Race

The Amazing Race was a popular TV show, and although it has not been on our screens for some time, it is still a fun activity that is perfect for team building. It is suitable for groups from ten to over 300, and you can tailor your race to suit your requirements and the environment you are using. It is a high-energy activity that will require lots of teamwork and cooperation as teams race to various destinations and complete tasks along the way. The event usually lasts for no more than four or five hours, and once done, you can enjoy a barbecue while awarding the prizes to the winning team.

BBQ MasterChef

Another activity you and your employees may like is trying a BBQ MasterChef competition. Your employees will be split into teams and then given coaching by a professional chef before starting the event. Teams must work together to plan their menu, prepare, cook the food, and have lots of fun. Teams must race against the clock to complete their menu, and when complete, they are judged by the chef and given marks for taste, presentation, creativity, and teamwork. You also get to eat the food afterwards to enjoy a group meal together once the event is over.

Helping Hands

There are also team building activities that you can do that will benefit charities, and Helping Hands is one of these events. The group will be split into teams and given instructions on creating prosthetic hands that are then sent to third world countries to benefit amputees. To give everyone an idea of what it is like to lose the use of a hand, the teams will have one hand-bound, so they only get to use one during the event. It can be a lot of fun and informative and help those who need it who are missing the use of a hand.