Save Space In Your Laundry Salon With These Products And Tips

Most people think that doing laundry, and folding laundry are among the most unpleasant tasks. Doing laundry can be boring and time-consuming, and it frequently calls for a level of planning that completely escapes most. However, you can keep the space and things organized with the right equipment. Additionally, even a small area may be transformed into a fantastic laundry room that customers will love. Here are some tips to guide you in making the most of your laundry room’s space. With the Girbau North America coin op laundry equipment you’ll need to transform your laundry space into a place your clients will appreciate, you can maximize space and revenues in your laundromat. Need to know more? Continue reading to learn about tools and suggestions for organizing a small laundry space.

Get stacked laundry machines

It is no secret that commercial laundry machines can take up a lot of space. This does not help when you’re equally pressed-on space in your laundry salon. The stacked washer dryer also referred to as a laundry center, is a set-up in which the dryer is placed above the washer rather than next to it. Such a machine is an excellent choice if you want a washer and dryer that can perform full-service laundry. In a self-service laundry salon, stacked machines will make it easier for your customers to navigate the place by simply doing their entire laundry from a single machine. If, on the other hand, you offer pick-up and delivery services, you can get one or two commercial stacked machines with which you can clean large loads of laundry at a go. This will be much better than having multiple machines around you.

Install wall shelves

In your laundry salon, chances are you have lots of laundry detergent and related products. If your space is small, these products can be scattered everywhere. To avoid this, consider installing wall shelves instead of cabinets, which will use more space. This will help you take advantage of the space above you. You will also preserve the products by keeping them away from direct sunlight. While at it, label the selves to make it easier for you and your customers to find what they are looking for. You can label the selves according to the different commercial laundry products available, such as detergents and boosters, fabric softeners, neutralizers, and bleaches. Store the commonly used products on the nearest shelves to avoid trying to locate them.

Use management tools

Technology has advanced so that smart laundry machines can run a cycle without human assistance. With such a machine, you only need to have the right apps on your phone, and you can manage your machines from anywhere. Management tools and apps can help you automate repetitive tasks such as keeping records of; daily income, customers served, resources used, keeping track of scheduled appointments, etc. Getting these tasks out of the way gives you more time to focus on other major tasks. The right management tools can even help you do more with less.

As you can see, these tips and products do not require much time or money to acquire. These simpler tips and products can help you make the most of what you have. You can easily store your products and provide better services by keeping track of your laundry salon’s operations.