Profits From Dedusting system

Before thousands of years, it was as simple as separating heavy metals. From iron ore streams, things of that nature taking Holes and chaff of grains spin around for a long time. Over the years, these processes have become more sophisticated, just like the host Akola polymer system changed the design and upgraded equipment.

Different technologies

Some of the technologies that exist out there for dedusting and classification or separation have mechanical classifiers with internal classifier wheels or screening decks or vibration Decks and air stream separation also available such as elutriation or cascading. There are two types of mechanical separators a screening device and a vibration deck.

Advantages and disadvantages

There are many advantages of this type of unit, like its compact nature, the cost is low, and easy to install. The drawbacks include it’s very hard to clean, and the screen can become plug very easily, it generates static, so if you have a material such as plastic that can have a static charge. It will add static to the end products, and you can’t remove things that are circular as well unless you use a special screening, and it depends upon what you’re using, you can’t remove angel hair fiber Shavings, which proves that the efficiency overall is relatively low

Vibration Dax

The function of this is to vibrate and remove the heavy material our From the front, it walks out the front with vibrations, and the light fraction will walk out the back. So the advantage is that it has a small footprint, which can yield very high capacities, but it’s really good for vastly different materials. Separation of copper from insulation jacketing for copper wire.

Mechanical air separators

In this case, an Airstream with an internal classifier wheel is present. The system’s functionality stems include an Airstream carrying material and air up into an internal classifier rotating. Dueling forces are there, which are the air forces going through the wheels and the force of wheels spinning that determines the cut point.

There are many visitations of these separators. The linear screeners, circular screeners, cylindrical screeners. The feed stream is presented into the feed port conveyed. The screening device motor with a gearbox is present, which rotates that mesh whether it’s a perforated plate or wire mesh. Certain size opening allows the fine material down out of the unit and the coarse materials at the end.