Making the Well Site Safer With Innovations

The world will stop functioning without the output from various oil and gas wells from around the world. Oil and gas reserves across the globe contribute an enormous amount of fuel every day. However, the one thing many are not aware of is the kind of hazard the oil and gas workers are coming in contact with daily. The risks involved in the production of fuel are fatal. Any unprecedented event can trigger an enormous amount of loss in both life and assets. Although there are various levels of risk assessment and analysis done regularly, a change in process can only solve certain dangers.

From the beginning of drilling wells, many alterations have been made to the system to make them safer than it was back then. We are going to discuss three such latest pieces of machinery that can considerably reduce the number of risks in different well-operations. More details about these new pieces of equipment are available at Let us briefly discuss three modern and safer types of machines here.

The Gun Handler 

The most significant risk faced in most of the well-operations is the operator directly coming on the line of fire. Although considered as not recommended, the absence of another feasible solution had forced the operator to take the risk to achieve work completion. The Gun Handler is a laydown machine that helps in avoiding the presence of an operator in such a dangerous position. The Gunhandler helps in retrieving big pipelines without needing a worker to be under the suspended load.


The RigLock is another innovative thinking that saved the workers from risks like working at height and under a suspended rule. The RigLock helps in assisting frac operations and allow the removal of nightcap without a requirement to an operator doing it manually. In this was a worker could avoid getting exposed to multiple hazards, including exposure to poisonous gas and heavy dropped objects.

Automated Frac Equipment

Frac operation in the oil and gas industry comes with a lot of risks and hazards. Also, a lot of time consumed in manually performing this cumbersome task is high. However, this new frac equipment is automated to do the job much more efficiently than a manual process. Moreover, the highly automated system needs less human intervention making it safer than the manual one. This equipment is available in varying types that are compatible with different kinds of systems.