How to Give your Customers a Positive Unboxing Experience

With the increasing pressure to satisfy the demands of online shoppers and beat the competition, retailers these days cannot afford to disappoint customers with low-quality packages. One of the best ways to ensure a satisfactory experience with your brand is to give them a positive unboxing experience. But, how exactly can you achieve this?

Choose the Right Package Size

Customers tend to get disappointed when the boxes’ outer and inner are seriously mismatched. This is a fulfillment issue based on limited warehouse storage space for multiple box sizes and packager training. However, customers don’t care about these facts and are not interested in excuses.

The best solution is to ensure your products are shipped with the right size of the box. You don’t have to send out a box when a cushioned shipping mailer will do. If you are shipping heavier or more fragile products, measure the product and cut or fold the corrugated cardboard to fit, reducing waste and shipping costs.

Avoid Using Too Much Inside Packaging Materials

Whether it is foam, plastic, or paper, many companies use too much of it inside boxes. Packing peanuts are the main culprit that people find seriously messy as well as difficult to contain and recycle. If you don’t want any of these hassles, consider using inflatable air pillows. A lot of these can be made on-demand to fit the box and its contents. Sure, inflatable cushioning materials can quickly and affordably offer product protection during shipping, but using too much of them can annoy your box recipients.

Combine Presentation with Protection

Special kinds of secondary packaging with plastic film suspension and retention features can complement the look of the product. This is possible by combining protection with presentation. But, even the main box itself will also create the kind of experience you want your experience to enjoy when opening your boxes. It takes just choosing the right box material and designing and partnering with the right provider. Positive unboxing events should include packages that are easy to open, easy to reuse for returns, and easy to dispose of. Then, you can add images, scents, and other sensory cues to ensure a great package presentation and maintain customer loyalty.

Make It Personal

Designing an unboxing experience that is about your recipient will make your customers feel special. When preparing the shipping boxes, use the name of your customers. Also, send recommendations on their previous shipping preferences and include a note thanking them for their business.

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