Enrobed and Moulded Chocolate: Know the Difference

A lot of chocolate enthusiasts know how their favorite chocolate is made. But, some just simply enjoy their favourites without knowing many details about this. This post is here to educate chocolate lovers about the difference between an enrobed and a moulded chocolate:

What is Enrobed Chocolate

Typically, enrobed chocolate is when the center is made first and coated in a thin layer of chocolate. The center of the chocolate can be hand-dipped into chocolate or covered by using a chocolate enrober. The enrobing machine passes the center under a chocolate curtain to make a think crisp covering. Enrobed chocolate allows many ways to decorate the chocolate such as cocoa butter transfers, fork marks, gold leaf, herbs, and more. Also, it is easy to make using an enrobing machine.

A lot of chocolatiers think that having an enrobing machine will lead to perfect-looking chocolate. But, some will make sure a thin layer of chocolate is left on the chocolate without the pooling of chocolate at the base. Also, it is important to correctly control the cooling of the product to achieve a shiny finish instead of a dull one.

What is Moulded Chocolate

Moulded chocolate is one made using a mould. A firm plastic mould is filled completely with chocolate and turned upside down to remove most of the chocolate. The remaining chocolate in the mould lines the inside part to create a cavity that can be filled.

Enrobed chocolate tends to have a thin crisp shell that encases a multitude of centers with varying textures and viscocity. Also, enrobing chocolate makes it possible to create chocolate of different shaped depending on the design of the mould. With enrobing, chocolatiers can use coloured cocoa butter to create striking chocolate that resembles glass marbles. Also, custom moulds can be made to ensure the manufacturer’s logo is shown on the finished product.

A skillful chocolatier will make sure their moulded chocolate has a flawless look without mould marks or bubbles. Also, the chocolate’s shell must be quite thin. Because of the set up with a big enrobing machine, many chocolatiers only mould a few items like their Vallentine’s Day collection and Summer Collection. But, others have more moulded chocolates in their collection.

Both moulding and enrobing chocolate requires a huge amount of skills from the chocolatier. They both offer some benefits when it comes to what products can be made. That is why many chocolatiers use both methods to create mouth-watering artisan chocolates.