Corrugated Boxes are Flexible and Can Be Customized in Any Shape and Size

Corrugated boxes are easily available in the market as almost all companies prefer packaging their items in it. It is lightweight, easily accessible and available at best price deal from a manufacturer. It’s used as common packaging by almost every brand.

It is made of arched paper that is called fluting. The corrugated paperboard includes rows and air pillars. These columns make the paper stronger than other average cardboard box. This is because the air inside the columns act as cushion for items packed inside. It is highly customizable which makes it more convenient for any kind of product.

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Getting corrugated boxes for packaging has its own benefits –

  • The corrugated boxes can be customized not only in shape, but also in size and thickness. This helps creating cushion for products accordingly, and it also makes shipping and handling of boxes and items easier.
  • It protects products from moisture and bacteria which is good for edible products, fruits and vegetables.
  • It can be easily customized for your business and requirement because not much tool or manpower is required to manufacture it. This means it is also cost-effective.

  • Unlike plastic storage boxes or cartons, you can recycle those boxes into another shape or damaged boxes can be recycled to create new ones. This helps in saving nature and environment.
  • Printing and customizing these boxes are easier. This helps in personalizing your product by giving it a different logo or pattern.
  • It is lightweight which helps in carrying heavy product to different location, at least the box doesn’t increase its weight. The air columns make it strong to bear any weight and fluting keeps it lightweight.
  • They are easy to access and after completion of work the box can be folded to fit it in small storage space. This helps in saving storage space for more things to keep.

It is the most flexible boxes available in the market for packaging. It can adapt to any adhesive, treatment, coatings and is flame resistant, thereby making it convenient for every product.

The most common type of packing material that is used in the packaging industry are Cardboard Box Planter. It is a single piece of paperboard, usually made from recycled paper pulp. Read to know more!