Considering A Dog Daycare Business? Tips On Selecting A Franchise!

As a budding entrepreneur, if you are interested in making money right away, franchising could be a great option. A less-popular but extremely lucrative business is dog daycare. More pet owners are interested in keeping their dog at a daycare or boarding facility, because they don’t want the pet to feel lonely or left out. Truth be told, there aren’t enough dog daycare facilities in most cities and towns in the US, barring the top cities. Starting your dog daycare franchise doesn’t have to be complicated either. For instance, Hounds Town franchise cost is around $379K on an average, while average revenue is $894K.

In this post, let’s discuss more on dog daycare franchise and things that matter for selecting a brand.

  • Start with the market. You need to select the right market, niche, and target location for a dog daycare business to flourish. No matter what the franchise company has to say, this is a research that potential franchisees need to do. From approximate number of dogs in the city/town, to top names in other dog daycare facilities, every aspect has to be accounted for, using facts and numbers.
  • Select a known brand. The whole success of franchising business depends on the brand. If you select a dog daycare business that people trust, it would be easier to promote the new facility. Support for training, initial setup, and marketing must be evaluated, and it is absolutely necessary to understand and evaluate the pros and cons of being associated with a franchise.
  • The investment. Of course, the initial investment is something that matters to every prospective business owner. Beyond the franchise fee, you have to think of location and size of property needed, because you need enough space to run a dog daycare facility. Consider all costs and keep competition in mind before taking the final call.

The need for hands-on approach

Opening a dog daycare franchise is different than that of a burger shop. Here, you are responsible for live animals, which is not easy. While maintaining essential standards is critical in any industry, dog daycare facilities need owners and managers to have a more hands-on approach, where they have to be involved in the day-to-day running of the business.

If you feel compassionate and love for dogs, this is undoubtedly the best business opportunity that merits attention. Just take your time to understand and evaluate what it takes to run a dog daycare business and find the right franchise.