All you Need to Know About Retail Signage

If you are getting ready to launch a retail outlet, both exterior and interior signage need to be designed, and with that in mind, we talked to a few retail design specialists and they gave us the following tips about store signage.

  • Keep it simple – If you want impact, look for words that convey the message in its simplest form and once you have your signage in place, spend time observing how people react, as this is real feedback, and with a good sign shop in Lat Phrao (known as ร้านทำป้ายลาดพร้าว in Thai), you can print customised signage very economically.
  • Think Stickers – Today’s stickers can be affixed to any substrate and there are no more issues when removing them from glass, which was always a major headache that required elbow grease and thinners. Short, call to answer signs like, ‘BUY NOW’, BUY WHILE STOCKS LAST’ and others can be attached near the target product and with the latest generation of stickers, you can re-stick to other surfaces, giving you a new level of freedom and flexibility.
  • Informational Signage – The common rule is to choose a theme and stick to that; the same font, colours and design for all your informational signage creates a uniformity. Make sure the font is large enough to be clearly read from any in-store location and affixing then suspended from the ceiling allows you to choose the right height.
  • Digital Signage – Eye-catching red or blue rolling text boxes are a great way to convey your message to passers-by, and the ideal spot is at the top of your store window. The message will run 24/7 and it is really easy to change the content, with colour options and speed adjustment, while you could also show a flat-screen TV with a lopped program that promotes your products.
  • Wall Art – Stickers are normally viewed as small items, yet the latest printing technology allows you to create a full wall-sized sticker that can be affixed at the rear of the shop. Design the scene using hi-tech software and with hi-res laser printing, you have a fantastic resolution. If you visit your nearest sticker shop, they can show you how vinyl looks, plus you can view some fine examples of other projects.

It is worth spending a lot of time designing your store signage and with state-of-the-art printing, you can create stunning items that can be used to create the perfect in-store ambience.