Adjust Your Goals With Sg Work Pass

People who want to do something in their life has an opportunity today to carry their favorite profession to their dream place. There are many restrictions that people have to face if they wish to pursue any profession in other countries. Sg work pass is a facility offered by Singapore’s Ministry of Manpower in which they get the work permit to operate the work of their choice in Singapore.

Features of A SG Work Pass

  • A work pass is only eligible to be issued to an employer. No employees have the power to issue a work pass in their name.
  • There are no specific salary limits on a work pass.
  • This pass is generally issued for two years, but these passes can be renewed when required.
  • A holder of the work pass has to take medical insurance for every employee.

 There are very minimum formalities which the person has to complete if they want to get a work pass for themselves. The minimum age requirement of a person is 18 years or above. The person also has to present a certificate to the officials on whose basis they will categorize the individual under the categories of a skilled or unskilled worker. Get sg work pass and make your dreams true.