316L stainless steel Pipe roughness

316L Stainless Steel Pipe can be drawn into shape. Drawn pipes are usually seamless and they have higher surface evenness or less absolute roughness. The roughness is a measure of the deviation in wall thickness. If the wall thickness deviates, the internal or external surfaces will deviate. The deviations in turn alternate the area at the diameter in any given point. This is very important in calculating fluid flow dynamics because the more roughness, the more fluctuations will be. With the fluctuating diameters, the fluid will gain friction and momentum.

In high speed fluid flow systems where 316L stainless steel pipe is used, the momentum with friction can cause cracks. But since the seamless pipes possess less roughness, the problem of cracking due to friction is avoided. The roughness is also important in aligning the pipes together when fixing them with each other to make extended piping. Welding is used to connect parts of the piping. The 316L material is good for welding. It also has fewer errors at connections because of the higher accuracy of the ss 316l tubes dimensions. These pipes are very strong and corrosion resistant. Therefore they are used in highly corrosive sea water and marine environments. They can also be used with structural components but with their higher pressure containment capacities, they are used in high pressure pipe lines. The prices of 316 variations are similar. Only the ss 316l pipe price depends on the demand and supply, grades, standards and schedules of the particular pipe.

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